The Military bridle
Working Equitation bridle

A Military bridle in Working Equitation

What's the story behind the eye-catching bridle used by German Working Equitation riders ? The striking browband and unique fittings are a real eye-catcher - but where do they come from? What is the background? And why do so many Working Equitation riders wear this bridle?

Here we would like to tell you more about the history of our Military bridle. Who came up with the idea and what inspired us to create this special replica of a historical bridle? And for one of the youngest equestrian disciplines in Germany - working equitation.

The historical role model

This splendid bridle is a reproduction of a German officer's bridle from around 1880. At first glance, the striking brow chain and the slash chain on the neck piece of the bridle catch the eye. These were once used to protect the horse's head from the opponent's sword thrust in battle.

The shape of the fittings is also based on an original from the 18th century and has been faithfully reproduced. This bridle emphasises the character of the horse and highlights its charisma.

The German working riding style

What does a Militrary bridle do in Working Equitation? Working Equitation is a young equestrian discipline in which the southern European working riding styles present themselves and compete against each other. Each country represents its own national traditions, costumes and equipment for horse and rider.

Germany itself has no traditional working riding style, but has a long history with cavalry, and this bridle was designed to build on this. Today, this characteristic bridle is known worldwide as the bridle of the German Working Equitation riders.