OMEGA Saddles
by Signum Sattelservice

OMEGA saddles

Our vision is to manufacture and sell horse saddles with more comfort for horse and rider. We see ourselves not only as developers, producers and sellers of our SIGNUM OMEGA saddles, but also offer you personal support regarding all question on the fitting of your saddle.

Saddle philosophy

Custom-made saddles & confection saddles in a variety of designs. For dressage, leisure, working equitation, trail riding.

Saddle making

When making a saddle, individual custom-made saddles are created in the fit of your horse, with the perfect seat feeling for the rider in an individual design.

What saddle types and models are available from SIGNUM?

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of different Signum saddle models, from riding pads and ready-made confection models to individual custom-made saddles.

Let yourself be inspired by the variety of our models of OMEGA custom-made saddles and confection saddles.

OMEGA custom-made saddles

Our Omega custom-made saddles offer the right saddle for almost every riding style and provide comprehensive solutions for different "saddle issues". Our Omega custom saddles are made according to the wishes and needs of horse and rider.

Custom-made Saddle Models

Here we present our Omega custom-made saddle models and their options in detail

Custom-made Saddle Models

Here we present our Omega custom-made saddle models and their options in detail

OMEGA confection saddles

With our Omega confection saddles , we would like to offer you popular models of horse saddles in good quality at an attractive price-performance ratio. The riding saddles come closest to the look of a classic, English saddle. The models are made for different branches of equestrian sports and differ in their specialisation.

Confection models

Here we present our Omega confection saddle models in detail

Confection models

Here we present our Omega confection saddle models in detail

Treeless Saddles & Riding Pads

Are you looking for a treeless saddle? If you are interested in the concept of treeless saddles, we recommend our Signum Riding Pads and our "Paddle"®. Our Signum riding pads with Velcro padded panels are available with different seat shapes.

PADDLE & Riding Pads

If you are interested in the concept of treeless saddles, we recommend our PADDLE ® & Riding Pads.

PADDLE & Riding Pads

If you are interested in the concept of treeless saddles, we recommend our PADDLE ® & Riding Pads.

How does SIGNUM help you decide on the right saddle?

You are asking yourself "Which horse saddle suits me?" When it comes to saddles, we accompany you from the first try on to the finished saddle. Our mobile saddle service offers the possibility of a non-binding saddle fitting. You will have the opportunity to try out our different saddle models on your horse in motion. You can test which saddle concept, which saddle model, and in particular which options for the seat and which knee rolls are optimal for you and your horse.

Our service offer gives you the opportunity to get to know our saddle concept without obligation. Regardless of whether you would like to buy a new or used saddle, whether it should be a confection ready-made saddle, a partial custom-made saddle or an individual custom-made saddle.

Custom-made saddles for horse & rider

According to our philosophy, these are the criteria for a good riding saddle: The saddle construction and the individual saddle components of a custom-made saddle are made according to the anatomy and needs of the horse. The lightweight saddle tree is built in individual size and shape to fit the horse's back. The adjustable gullet plate sits high above the ram's instep. The gullet width and the angle above the ribcage can be adapted to the horse and changed at any time. This means that saddle panels can be aligned parallel and to the horse's back at any time and lie evenly on the horse's back from front to back. The flat and soft saddle panels have a filling of shaped panels or upholstery wool that is adapted to the horse's back and the saddle lies close to the horse.

The concept of our custom-made saddles allows the rider to create an individual composition for a seat tailored to the rider: this includes the seat size (measured in inches), the shape of the seat surface, the seat width and the seat depth. Furthermore, the choice of the thimble on the rider's leg. Of course, the individual design must not be missing from a custom-made saddle. You can choose the shape of the saddle flap, the colours and combinations of the leather, decorative stitching or individual embroidery, as well as rivets or sparkling decorative stones as highlights.

Which saddle fits my horse?

When looking for the right saddle for your horse, our custom-made saddle concept offers countless possibilities. The construction of the custom-made saddle is specially adapted to the needs of the horse. It does not matter whether the saddle is made for a Spanish horse, a pony or a cold blood. Every saddle is as individual as your horse itself. With a new custom-made saddle, the special features of the horse can be taken into account individually. The individual elements of the saddle are made to fit the horse's back and the position of the saddle. In this way, solutions can be found for "difficult" backs or existing problems, regardless of the saddle model.

The large contact surface with the soft padding offers a pressure distribution that is gentle on the horse's back, even for particularly sensitive horses. Due to the adjustable gullet plate and ribbed stirrup bars, the saddle panels fit narrow as well as wide horses. When the measurements are correctly adjusted, the padding always lies parallel to the horse's back and provides an even distribution of pressure on the horse's back from front to back when riding.

The saddle tree is individually shaped and opens in the front area over the shoulder. This provides solutions for wide horses with a strong shoulder as well as for horses with a lot of swing, horses with a short back or high withers. For horses with high withers, a specially shaped gullet plate at the front allows sufficient space high above the withers. The great spine freedom, withers freedom and shoulder freedom offer the horse maximum freedom of movement.

The extensive adjustment options provide ample room for changes in young horses or changes over time due to illness, training or the horse's age.

To find out which saddle fits your horse best, you can test all our models on your horse during a saddle fitting. You benefit from our many years of experience in custom saddle construction and we are at your side for all questions regarding the right saddle for your horse.

What does a SIGNUM saddle cost?

We are often asked: "How much does a horse saddle cost? We can only answer this question exactly after a saddle fitting . Only then do we know whether a ready-made saddle, a partially custom-made saddle or an individual custom-made saddle is the optimum for you and your horse.

The prices given here serve as a rough guide to the saddle costs of a Signum Omega® saddle in plain design (without accessories):


We will be happy to make you a special offer for your desired saddle following a saddle fitting - e.g. for a Signum Omega® Lotus or Mercedes, as a partially or fully custom-made to fit your horse.

What does a good saddle need?

The following characteristics make a good saddle:


You will find the right accessories for our Omega® saddles in our shop: from girths, stirrup leathers and stirrups to matching saddle cloths or saddle pads and saddle bags or panniers. Of course, in addition to our saddle accessories, you can also get other accessories such as: Bridles, breastplates, cavessons, halters, lead ropes, gaiters, bandages or our popular riding pads.