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Time and again we have been approached with requests for a "real" riding pad and a riding pad with stirrup leathers. We can now offer you a wide variety of different riding pads and PADDLE®.

Our Freedom model was the first riding pad, followed by the Dressage riding pad and the felt pad and the latest member is our innovation: The PADDLE®!

Portrait of our Riding Pads & PADDLE®

In the following section, we would like to present our different riding pads, the PADDLE® and the Velcro padding in more detail. You will of course also find each individual product in the online shop with a detailed product description.

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We would like to introduce you to the individual models & variants of our riding pads & PADDLE® in a little more detail

SIGNUM Riding Pad Freedom

The all-rounder for leisure & dressage

The Freedom Riding Pad offers a secure seating feeling without limiting the rider's movement. The riding pad has an evenly thick and comfortable padding in the seat area. The rider can move his hips loosely and adopt a free and balanced seat with direct contact to the horse. The lateral comfort knee-roll gently frames the rider's leg and prevents the leg from being pulled up.

The non-slip suede surface promotes a secure seat as the rider experiences maximum support even when wearing jeans or breeches without trim. From training the rider's seat, to relaxed hours in the countryside, to equestrian lessons in the arena, this pad is a real all-rounder.

SIGNUM Riding Pad Dressage

The specialist for dressage & show

The singular seat design of the Reitpad Dressage offers a unique seating sensation. The seat padding for the rider rises gently in the rear area - similar to a dressage saddle - and specifically supports the rider in his sitting position.

The lateral comfort knee-roll promotes a long leg and a balanced seat. It furthermore prevents the leg from being pulled up, thus providing the rider with an optimal sitting position even without stirrup leathers and stirrups. This unique seat design helps an inexperienced rider to find a balanced sitting position and to keep it relaxed - for an experienced rider it is especially suitable for horses with an extremely energetic upswing or when training particularly dynamic lections.

Flexible and soft velcro padding

This Velcro padding made of suede fits our OMEGA Innovation riding pads Freedom and Dressage. The pad pockets are filled with an elastic and shock-absorbing foam and offer the horse maximum comfort.

If the riding pad is combined with our Velcro padding, the horse is not only provided with an even and pleasant pressure distribution but also spine freedom. The Velcro padding can be positioned individually and according to the needs in just a few steps. The Velcro padding can be opened at the side and can thus be easily exchanged and supplemented with additional inserts. In this way, the padding can be adapted to the horse's needs as often as desired.

We recommend size L for the OMEGA Freedom riding pad. At OMEGA Dressage Riding Pad we recommend the appropriate size M or L depending on the seat size of the riding pad.

No saddle - no riding pad - a PADDLE®

Our PADDLE® combines the advantages of a PAD and a SADDLE - it is a PADDLE®!

It offers the feeling of a riding pad with direct contact to the horse. Due to its flexible shape, it automatically adapts to the different shapes of the horse's back.

The Velcro padding and the adjustable gullet plate allow it to be tailored to the horse, just like a saddle, with real spine freedom with plenty of space above the withers. The PADDLE® does not have a classic saddle tree, but a special suspension system allows stirrups to be attached to safety locks, so that it can be used with or without stirrups, depending on the horse's mood.

Our PADDLE® offers the horse an even distribution of pressure that is gentle on the horse's back, even without a saddle, and gives the rider the immediate feeling of merging with his horse. A product according to our motto: more comfort for horse and rider!

You can find more detailed information about the fitting in our magazine article "Fitting the Paddle" and the article "Fitting the paddle with the Fitting System" and in our as well as in our video tutor ial , our video about the Adjusting the Paddle with the Fitting System and the special video Fitting the paddle to particularly wide, narrow or short horses.

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SIGNUM felt pad

The Felt Pad is our basic model. The seat area is only lightly padded, allowing maximum closeness to the horse. The rider's hip can move freely. The flaps are made of felt and are thus kept as thin as possible to allow maximum contact of the rider's legs to the horse.

The small and flat knee-rolls give the rider a light support. Compared to the comfort knee-roll of the Freedom or Dressage Riding Pad, this one is considerably smaller and has less influence on the rider's seat. Together with the non-slip suede surface in the seat and pommel area, the rider is offered a secure seat feeling.

Kenzie Dysli Riding Pads

For the development of our Innovation Riding Pad, our saddle developer Stefan Baumgartner worked closely with Kenzie Dysli. Together with Kenzie as a specialist for liberty, dressage and the High School, we developed the special seat profile of our riding pads. The Kenzie riding pad is available in the seat versions "Kenzie Dysli Freedom" or "Kenzie Dysli Dressage" as part of the Kenzie Dysli collection available.

The curved, almost crescent-shaped blade shape and the lateral comfort panel is based on the saddle blade shape of our popular made-to-measure saddle model Mercedes and the new ready-made saddle Kenzie.

The Riding Pad & PADDLE® Configurator

Design your personal riding pad, PADDLE® or Worker PADDLE® according to your wishes. You have the possibility to combine a variety of options.*

You can find even more detailed possibilities of our paddle configurator in this video.


*At the moment our PADDLE® configurator is only available in our german webshop.

Adjustment of the riding pads and PADDLE®

Here you will find Tips & instructions for fitting our riding pads & PADDLE.

Our riding pads themselves do not require any adjustment to your horse due to their flexible design and anatomical cut. For the best possible pressure distribution, we recommend combining them with our Velcro padding and a saddle pad.

For the best possible wearing comfort, our PADDLE® can be adapted to different types of horses via the Velcro padding and the adjustable gullet plate. We show you exactly how this works step by step with our video instructions with the PADDLE® fitting system.