The bridge
Working Equitation Trail obstacles

The Working Equitation Trail Obstacle Bridge

The Working Equitation trail obstacle "Bridge" is a characteristic obstacle in the Working Equitation course.

Based on the requirements of real cattle herders in the working riding style, crossing a bridge is an important task in the terrain, which horse and rider should master calmly and calmly. The horse and rider pair thus demonstrate their partnership, courage and composure.

The bridge in theory

In this first theory section, Gernot Weber shows you what the idea behind this trail obstacle is and gives you training ideas and tips. Just watch and ride - in line with our motto: Working Equitation - the new fun in riding.

The bridge in practice

Gernot Weber and Jenny from blindly follow horses show you in this second practical part what the idea of this trail obstacle is and how you can start with your horse at this obstacle. Just watch and ride it!

The bridge in dressage trail

The bridge trail obstacle is permitted in all Working Equitation performance classes. In the lower performance classes, it is approached at the trot in the dressage trail, then later from the canter. Between the markings in front of the bridge, the rider parries into walk and crosses the bridge calmly and quietly.

This shows who can give their horse so much confidence that it can demonstrate its sure-footedness in a calm and relaxed walk, even in a competition atmosphere. Between the markers behind the bridge, the transition to the higher gait (trot or canter, depending on the performance class) is demonstrated again.

The bridge in the speed trail

In the speed trail, the bridge may then be crossed at the fastest possible gait for the horse and rider pair. But be careful - the horse must also be able to fully mount the bridge at full gallop with at least one hoof and knocking down an obstacle will result in a time penalty of 5 seconds!