The gate
Working Equitation Trail obstacles

The Working Equitation Trail obstacle gate

In southern European work riding, opening and closing a pasture gate is part of the daily requirements of a mounted cattle herder and his horse. The gate has to be opened and closed in a way that prevents a cow or even the whole herd from escaping through the gate.

The "gate" trail obstacle is a must in any Working Equitation trail course. In terms of working equitation, the task is to open and close the gate without having to dismount the horse.

The gate in theory

In this first theory section, Gernot Weber shows you what the idea behind this trail obstacle is and gives you training ideas and tips. Just watch and ride - true to our motto: Working Equitation - the new fun in riding.

The gate in practice

Gernot Weber and Jenny from blindly follow horses show you in this second practical part what the idea of this trail obstacle is and how you can start with your horse at this obstacle. Just watch and ride it!

The gate in dressage Trail

The gate is only authorised for performance class WA and above in the style trail. The horse and rider pair ride towards the gate at a 90-degree angle and make a transition to walk just before it. In order to open the gate skilfully, the rider makes a forehand turn and positions himself parallel to the gate.

Before the rider opens the gate, he presents his calm horse, which waits calmly and focussed at the gate for the next step. The rider opens the gate without letting go and rides through the opening.
The rider can ride through the gate forwards or backwards. To close the gate, the horse and rider position themselves parallel to the gate again. Once again, this shows whether the horse and rider are calm and focussed and linger for a short moment before turning away from the gate with a quarter hindquarters turn and riding to the next obstacle at the required pace.

The gate in the speed trail

In the speed trail, the wing of the gate is replaced by a rope or cord. In the speed trail in particular, horse and rider have to balance their ability and speed well. If a gate catch is moved or knocked over too quickly, it is time to dismount and line up to ensure it closes.