with Alina Herrmann

PADDLE® experience report by Alina Herrmann

As a rider with many years of experience and a constant quest for the best possible equipment for my horse, I recently discovered the Paddle® from Signum Sattelservice.

Alina Herrmann

Who am I & what do I do?

Originally I come from the show jumping sport and was successful there up to RLP champion. A few years ago, I discovered my passion for classical baroque riding. I have been an Olympic-certified trainer A classical baroque with distinction since 2018.

In my daily work with my two horses, I attach great importance to weightless work in hand and on the long reins as well as work on the cavesson. This is done without force or pressure and always with the horse's best interests in mind.

The PADDLE® on my horses

The Paddle® from Signum Sattelservice impressed me right from the start. Its outstanding feature is undoubtedly its adaptability. Thanks to the ingenious adjustment system, this saddle is really easy to adjust and adapts perfectly to different horse backs.

It is even suitable for horses with short backs, which is often a challenge. This flexibility not only ensures my horse's comfort, but also his health and performance.

The PADDLE® for me as a rider

For me as a rider, the Paddle® also offers numerous advantages.

The rough surface and the well-shaped knee rolls ensure a first-class grip, whether I'm preparing for small jumps or practising classical dressage lessons. The Paddle® is lightweight, which means less weight on the horse's back. This is particularly important to minimise the strain on the horse and maintain its freedom of movement.

Another advantage of the Paddle® is its flexibility. It adapts seamlessly to the movement of the horse's back, which ensures a harmonious connection between horse and rider. This flexibility allows me to adapt better to my horse and give fine aids without restricting his movements.

My conclusion about the PADDLE®

Overall, I can unreservedly recommend the Paddle® from Signum Sattelservice. Its outstanding adaptability, excellent support for the rider and lightness make it an indispensable companion for any rider looking for the best for their horse.