Field report
Kenzie Cavesson Anatomic

Field report by Esther Peinhardt

My name is Esther Peinhardt, I am a physiotherapist for animals and I specialise in training therapy for horses.

For my daily work with horses, most of which are suffering from myofascial dysfunction or are rehab patients, I was looking for a stable yet flexible cavesson that would be an alternative to the bridles currently on the market.

For a few weeks now I have been testing the "Kenzie" cavesson on my clients and training horses and I am delighted with it.

Thanks to the flexible noseband, it fits both a delicate Arabian nose and a coarser Spanish head, which is very important to me as I work with many different horses. It sits super stable and allows precise and fine aids for bending, position, flexion and rotation.

Another plus point is that you can buckle it more loosely thanks to the longer sides of the noseband, which makes it easy to chew off.

A ganache strap also prevents slipping towards the eye and the anatomical headpiece leaves enough space around the sensitive ear area. The workmanship and quality are outstanding.

My conclusion

All the horses have been very happy with it so far and I have been able to achieve great improvements in movement patterns with it. It is of course also suitable for lunging, classic work in hand or bitless riding. A bit can also be attached. This makes it a real all-rounder.

I am completely convinced by this cavesson and am very happy to recommend it to my customers.

Many thanks to the great photos by Anna Bundschuh and the four-legged "model" Amurath Suhaila from the Amurath thoroughbred Arabian stud farm in Amtzell.