SIGNUM saddles
for Blindly Follow Horses

SIGNUM saddles for Jenny & Bill

We are delighted that Jenny and Bill have been travelling in the SIGNUM saddle for many years. We have been supporting them since 2017 with all questions and concerns relating to their saddles and equipment and are delighted with their great development.

Find out how Jenny and Bill got their first SIGNUM saddle - the OMEGA Mercedes model - in this video!

Everyday life with a Signum saddle

Jenny and Bill have certainly continued to develop as riders and we were delighted with this fantastic development. When their training included more and more dressage lessons and dynamic, fast manoeuvres, particularly in the context of working equitation, we fitted them both with a new saddle model.

This has retained the overflowing comfort panel and the comfort seat of their beloved Mercedes. The seat and thimble were made of suede for a particularly grippy seating experience. The Blindly Follow Horses logo on the back of the backrest was an absolute eye-catcher.

"My Quarter Horse Bill and I have been happy with the Signum saddles for many years"

Sudden hip pain - what now?

...2022 I kept getting severe pain when riding due to hip damage. Whether with a riding pad, with my western saddle or with my beloved Signum Mercedes.

So it was with a heavy heart that I had to start looking for a new saddle for myself. The search turned out to be more difficult than expected. It soon turned out that it wasn't a problem with the saddle model, but that I probably needed a custom-made saddle. I couldn't be supported in my seat, which again led to tension and therefore pain. All dressage models (which allow the rider to sit nicely and encourage a dressage seat) were therefore out of the question.

The solution with the special "Rancho" model

The SIGNUM team put together a saddle customised to my needs. A large, flat seat, no support in the rear seat area and few knee rolls.
Since then, I've been able to get back on my horse without any worries and my pain is history. ...

...I am very happy that the team at SIGNUM Saddle had so much patience and sensitivity to have me tested extensively. After trying out various models, they put together the perfect saddle for my Bill and me and also customised it for Bill.
1000 thanks to the team who finally let me get back in the saddle with pleasure.