tested by Matthias & Sina

Who we are and what we do

We are Sina Bleichner & Matthias Sellinger and run our own private open stable with our five horses. These are our two Arabian Berbers Chattou & Laziz and our three Mustang mares Mayani, Onida & Niyaha. We are ambitious leisure riders and our horses are trained in different areas of riding.

When working with our horses, we prioritise the enjoyment of people and animals as well as keeping our horses healthy. We currently work with our horses mainly in the area of working equitation. We particularly enjoy building new trail obstacles and trail training.

You can find us on Instagram (@southsteensbeauties) and also from time to time at one or the other event (such as the Mustang Makeover).

Practical test of the PADDLE with Matthias & Sina

Not a riding pad, not a saddle - but a mix of both - a Paddle®! When we first read about the Paddle®, we were totally curious about the new product from Signum. We were lucky enough to try out the Paddle® at Equitana in March 2023 and were immediately impressed.

In addition to the classic paddles, a worker paddle made entirely of smooth leather was also on display. The short block pommel and the short saddle blade offer more legroom than the classic paddle, which we liked straight away.

What made us curious about PADDLE®?

The substructure makes it possible to ride with stirrups and the gullet plate can be adjusted very easily using the appropriate spanner. The accompanying Velcro pads ensure freedom of the spine and can be attached as required for an optimum fit. As one of our mares changes her muscles very often and quickly, e.g. during periods of illness or standing, the paddle was the perfect solution for us.

So we decided to install a Worker Paddle.

The reaction of horse & rider to the PADDLE®

When we rode the paddle for the first time, she immediately snorted and came off quickly.

For me personally, the combination of the suede seat and the smooth leather saddle flap offers the perfect riding experience! You have great support and still have great freedom of movement with your legs! The seat aids continue to work well and the Worker Paddle is also great for small obstacles and especially for cross-country riding.

Our conclusion on the PADDLE®

In our opinion, the paddle is a real all-rounder! And if the fit of one of our saddles is no longer right, it can be easily adapted to any horse so that we always have a good riding option.

Thank you, dear Signum team, for this unbeatable innovation! We definitely wouldn't want to be without our paddle!