Custom-made saddles from
SIGNUM Saddle Service

What is a custom-made saddle?

In a custom-made saddle, every element of the saddle is built to measure for the horse and the rider. In our saddlery, every OMEGA® custom-made saddle is made as an individual one-off. From the saddle tree, the gullet plate and ribbed stirrup bars, the precisely fitting large contact surface with soft padding to the design of the seat and the pommels, all saddle components are made according to your wishes and needs.

A custom-made saddle enables special individual solutions even for difficult saddle positions. With a custom-made saddle, you have a great deal of freedom in the design and almost unlimited design possibilities: from colour and leather combinations, to noble embroidered trims, individual embroidery of your own motif or logo, to highlights such as sparkling rhinestones, rivets or fittings - let your imagination run wild.

Which custom-made saddles are available at Signum Sattelservice?

With us, you are not limited to individual models or saddle types. Custom-made saddles from Signum Sattelservice are available for a wide range of equestrian disciplines: find your perfect saddle for dressage, for working equitation, for relaxed rides in your free time or for trail riding. The saddles in our OMEGA® custom-made saddle collection can be combined across all models. You have the possibility to create your own saddle with your favourite seat shape, with the most comfortable chin and in the look of your choice.

To find out which saddle suits you best, you can test the individual saddle components in advance and try them out on your horse. For this purpose, we come directly to you and your horse for a saddle fitting and saddle consultation. During the saddle fitting at your location, the different options are tried out on your own horse. During this trial we will advise you on the goals you wish to achieve with our saddle and, of course, on the training level, biodynamics and anatomical characteristics of your horse. For the design of your personal made-to-measure saddle, the entire range of our made-to-measure options for horse and rider is available to you.

How is a custom-made saddle made?

In order to be able to build a custom-made saddle, we have to take measurements in the first step. The exact measurements of the saddle position and the horse's back are measured in the standing position and combined with the impressions of the saddle in movement on the ridden horse. During the saddle fitting, the rider tests the different seat depths, seat widths, shapes of the seat surface and rear pommel, as well as overall shapes in movement on his horse. After the joint saddle fitting and taking the measurements on the horse, your saddle will be made as an individual piece in our saddlery.

When making a saddle, our many years of experience in traditional saddlery go hand in hand with the use of the latest technology. As soon as we have put your wishes for your saddle on paper and have determined the measurements and special features of your horse and its saddle position, the journey of your saddle begins.

The saddle tree as the heart of a custom-made saddle

The measurements and anatomical features of your horse are passed on to our saddle tree production. There, a plastic saddle tree is moulded according to the specifications, which is then equipped with an adjustable gullet plate and a variable ribbed stirrup bar. Basic seat options are already defined here, which you will later position as a rider as desired.

In order to be able to meet the demands of a custom-made saddle with the largest possible contact surface and a wide range of adjustment options, we develop and produce our saddle trees in our own production facilities. This enables us to meet the requirements of special horse backs with particular anatomical characteristics. This can be, for example, a very pronounced withers or a very curved horse back. But also special breeds, e.g. with a particularly broad or narrow build or other breed-typical characteristics, can get an optimal saddle tree as the centrepiece of their saddle.

The art of saddlery for customised saddles

Parallel to this, the leather is cut with the help of matching templates. The components of your saddle are sewn from a multitude of smaller and larger elements with the utmost concentration and craftsmanship. Every stitch has to be right so that the symmetry of the overall picture is coherent later on. The elements are put together piece by piece, the knee-rolls are stuffed with saddler's wool and the saddle panels are filled with the shaped panels individually made for your horse. Finally, the finished cover of your saddle is combined with the saddle tree and the saddle panels.

What makes a good custom-made saddle?

The saddle construction and fit of a good saddle is based on the needs of horse and rider:


A good saddle can be adjusted as often as required over the course of time by means of the individual saddle components to suit changes in the horse. Service and regular saddle checks on the horse should also be carried out on a custom-made saddle. Unfortunately, we have experienced cases where it was assumed that a custom-made saddle would adjust automatically and therefore waited too long before adjusting a saddle. If your horse or the saddle impression or sweat pattern changes, a fit check by the saddler makes sense. Only in combination with a regular service for a fitting saddle can a significant contribution be made in the long term to a healthy horse that enjoys movement.

When does a custom-made saddle make sense?

There are many different reasons why you can opt for a custom-made saddle. On the one hand, a custom-made saddle allows for an optimal and unique saddle that is completely tailored to the needs of horse and rider. A good custom-made saddle offers maximum comfort for horse and rider and makes a significant contribution to the pleasure of movement, motivation and a healthy horse's back.

Especially for sensitive or young horses, where the back muscles are not yet strongly developed or are particularly sensitive, a custom-made saddle offers the best possible solution. You can never decide too early in favour of a custom-made saddle if it offers sufficient adjustment possibilities.

Nowadays there are many special breeds and horses with a difficult saddle position. These can include a strongly curved back, particularly high withers, an overbuilt horse as well as a strong, massive shoulder. In this case, the alternatives such as a dressage saddle, jumping saddle or western saddle off the peg do not offer enough changeable options despite a good saddle fit. A confection saddle often offers a better fit with regard to small problems of the saddle position - however, only a custom-made saddle that is specially adapted for and to the horse will fit perfectly.

What is the difference between partially custom-made saddles and fully custom-made saddles?

You can get our OMEGA® custom saddles as partially or fully custom-made saddles. With a partially custom-made saddle, you as the rider decide in advance on a basic model. This determines the combination of the seat shape, the seat waist, the shape of the saddle flap, the seams in the seat and flap, as well as the shape of the knee-roll. The complete interior of the saddle: from the saddle tree, to the padding and shape of the panels, to the options of gullets and costal arch iron are custom-made for your horse. In this way we provide your horse with maximum comfort without compromise. Likewise, all options for individualising the design are available, such as embroidered borders, embroidered logos or ornaments, rhinestones and much more.

With a fully custom-made OMEGA® saddle, all components for horse and rider as well as the design and layout of the saddle are custom-made according to the individual wishes and needs of horse and rider. An unmistakable individual piece for horse and rider.

What does a custom-made saddle cost?

The cost of a custom-made saddle from Signum Sattelservice depends on whether it will be a partially custom-made saddle or a special model. The exact composition of the saddle, the chosen components, the dimensional options for the horse and the design result in the exact price. The price does not include any accessories for the saddle. On request, we will be happy to manufacture the matching stirrup leathers, girths and much more. As a rough price frame an OMEGA® custom-made saddle in plain design is between 3000-3700€.

Prices for OMEGA® part made to measure saddles & custom made saddles: