OMEGA® El Torro
Working Equitation

OMEGA® El Torro Saddle

The OMEGA® El Torro is an elegant working equitation saddle. A working equitation saddle with a classic appearance for maximum contact with the horse.

Compared to a classic dressage saddle, the narrow, deep seat is wider at the back. It frames the rider securely and takes him along with every movement of the horse. The combination with a variable Velcro or an attached block knee-roll offers the rider an ideal sitting position and a secure seat even in dynamic moments.


The El Torro model is an elegant working equitation saddle for dressage, trail and dynamic manoeuvres in speed trail and cattle work.

The most important details at a glance

Brand Signum OMEGA® Saddle
Category Confection saddle
Saddle tree Plastic saddle tree
Gullet plate interchangeable
Saddle panels Custom-moulded panels
Dimensions Length: 40-50 
Weight: 6  
Item number 946258
Price Price: from 2.890€
Availability: ex stock if applicable, up to 3 months delivery time when ordered

Seat profile for maximum contact

The elegant OMEGA® El Torro combines the advantages of a classic dressage saddle with those of a working equitation saddle. Its seat profile combines the narrow and deep seat of a dressage saddle with the deep and wide cantle of a working equitation saddle.

The combination of this seat profile, with a mono saddle flap and variable Velcro or mounted block knee-roll, allows the rider maximum contact with his horse even in dynamic manoeuvres. A saddle for a secure connection between horse and rider in the versatile and sporty discipline of working equitation.

Seat sizes 36, 38, 40, 42
Saddle flap Monoblate
Seat waist narrow waisted
Seat depth wide & deep
Thimble variable velcro knee-roll, block knee-roll


Classic design

The look of the Working Equitation saddle OMEGA® El Torro is characterised by simple elegance. The mono saddle flap has a slightly angular shape and a rim made of firm smooth leather to protect the saddle flap. The fine and soft full cowhide leather in the seat area, the knee-roll and on the saddle flaps is oiled and offers perfect grip thanks to its particularly non-slip surface. The El Torro model is available in elegant black or dark brown leather, as well as in a two-tone combination of dark brown and reddish brown. A working equitation saddle with a classic look for an elegant appearance.

Leather fine full cowhide
Colours black, choco, bicolour choco red-brown
Seam pattern Stitching in saddle colour
Piping piping in saddle colour