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OMEGA® confection saddles

With our OMEGA® confection saddles we would like to offer you popular models of horse saddles in good quality at an attractive price-performance ratio. The saddles or models in this line are made for different branches of equestrian sport and differ in their specialisation. Our different saddle models are suitable for lovers of dressage, working equitation, show jumping and for ambitious leisure riding.

What models are there?

The models Dressage Saddle Piaffe, Jumping Saddle Bascoule, Working Equitation Saddle El Torro and the model Kenzie Dysli are defined in terms of their characteristics of each model. Their characteristics are based on the specific needs of the rider in different branches of equestrian sport.

How does SIGNUM support me in choosing the right model?

How do I try on and buy the model? Which saddle is the right one for me as a rider and the best for my horse? During a saddle fitting, we have the different models of the ready-made line for you to try out. This allows you as a rider to ride different saddles on your horse in motion and test them in practice.

When measuring the horse's back, we can assess whether an off-the-peg saddle offers a good fit and sufficient possibilities for saddle adjustment for your horse. If a ready-made saddle does not fit, if the saddle position of your horse has special features, if there is a special problem or if you as a rider have individual wishes regarding the seat and design of your saddle, we recommend our OMEGA® custom-made saddles.

How is a confection saddle constructed?

Our OMEGA® confection saddles have an anatomically shaped plastic saddle tree at their heart. This can be flexibly adapted to the horse by means of an adjustable or exchangeable gullet plate. The dimensions of the gullet width can be changed and adapted to the horse as often as desired.

The saddle panels are particularly wide, similar to the contact surface of our OMEGA® confection saddles, in order to provide the horse with a large contact surface and thus even pressure distribution. So that the entire panel forms a load-bearing surface, so-called pressure distribution aids have been built into the upper side. These help to distribute the pressure over the entire width of the pad, especially in the rear area. The soft and comfortable padding of the cushions is made of saddle wool. The shape of the panels and the contact surface can be adapted to your horse at any time by us or a trusted saddler.

The design of this saddle range is deliberately kept classic and elegant. We only use high quality leather in the colours black and dark brown. Our confection saddles are available in different seat sizes for the rider.

How should a saddle lie?

Whether bareback pad, riding pad, treeless saddle, English saddle, western saddle or OMEGA® saddle. A suitable riding saddle for the horse is the prerequisite for a healthy horse that shows pleasure in movement under the rider. With regard to the correct fit of a good saddle, the following characteristics should be fulfilled:

When to pad or adjust the saddle?

If your horse has changed, if the feeling when riding in the saddle has changed or if the riding saddle no longer fits as well as it did at the beginning, it makes sense to check the fit and adjust the saddle. The wool in the saddle panels thickens over time, so regular padding ensures the optimum fit of the saddle. In addition to filling the saddle panels, it makes sense to regularly check the width of the chambers and adjust the angulation if necessary. Our mobile saddle service is available for consultations and saddle checks at any time.

Which saddle suits me?

To find the right riding saddle, we recommend that you look for a saddle model that suits your riding style. For jumping you need a special jumping saddle or eventing saddle, for dressage a dressage saddle with a defined seat profile and for working equitation a versatile saddle that offers a secure seat in dynamic manoeuvres. Before buying, ride your favourite saddle on your own horse to test the feeling of the seat in movement on your horse. Ask yourself the following questions:

Suitable accessories for OMEGA® confection saddles

Benefit from a saddle set of a confection saddle with the matching accessories of girth, saddle cloth, stirrup leathers and stirrups. The matching accessories support the optimal fit of the saddle. We recommend an anatomically cut leather short girth, lambskin girth or cord girth. Mono stirrup leathers with solid stirrup leathers provide maximum contact with the horse and a secure fit. For saddle pads we recommend quilted saddle cloths made of breathable cotton. For particularly sensitive horses, saddle cloths or saddle blankets with lambskin underside have proven their worth. You can get the matching accessories together with the saddle or purchase them online in our shop at any time.

What to look for when buying a saddle?

We recommend that you pay attention to the following points when buying a saddle, regardless of brand or model: